About Castagna

Authentic. Cosy. Savory.

My roots

Native of Nice, France, Chef Owner Stéphane Meloni grew up in the center of Southern French filled with aromas, fresh fish, juicy fruits and vegetables and ripe olive trees..

This took him on a journey of culinary traditions in part thanks to running two family-owned restaurants in Antibes, France. He has also had the luck of being brought up in a family that fished on the Mediterranean and who relished great food.

Stéphane has more than 23 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Before opening Castagna, he co-owned and co-managed Cassis, a 3,300 square-foot French restaurant in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood. 

Where I am now...

Castagna opened in late 2011 and has been serving the Marina area of San Francisco with its homestyle fares. The cuisine is inspired by my French upbringing and Italian heritage with an emphasis on the flavors and ingredients of my hometown of Nice and its surroundings... Provence.

G.G.G. - Redemption - Part 2

Winner of Guy's Grocery Games - Redemption - Part 2 on April 10th, 2016

Winner: St├ęphane Meloni - April 10th, 2016

Guy's Grocery Games

Winner of Guy's Grocery Games Ultimate Rematch on October 31st, 2016

Winner: St├ęphane Meloni - October 31st, 2016

Yelp HQ

Yelp HQ

Official Caterer of Yelp HQ Events.